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Supercharge Your Career Growth with Trailblazer Career Marketplace!

by Dhanik Lal Sahni
Trailblazer Career Marketplace

Salesforce Trailhead is an online learning platform that provides a wide range of courses, modules, and learning paths to assist individuals in developing skills and experience in Salesforce products and solutions. Salesforce introduces Trailblazer Career Marketplace which is an extension of Trailhead to drive connections between employers and Trailblazers.

Salesforce will create 11.6 million new jobs by 2028 so there will be huge demand for skilled professionals. According to ManpowerGroup, 75% of companies have reported difficulty recruiting qualified talent. Trailblazer Career Marketplace will be one destination to hire and get hired in the Salesforce ecosystem. Businesses can now hire skilled employees from this Trailblazer Career Marketplace.

How Employers Can Use Trailblazer Career Marketplace?

The employer has to create a Company Profile in Trailblazer Career Marketplace. This will be the showcase page of the company for trailblazers. The company can provide all relevant details like profile, hiring process, gallery section etc.

While hiring they can filter trailblazers based on location, certification, badges, trailblazer ranks etc. This will help them find the right candidate.

Check out the sample company profile at Trailhead.

Employers can start here for the Trailblazer Career Marketplace.

How Trailblazers can use the Trailblazer Career Marketplace?

Trailblazers can now turn on Career Mode on their Trailblazer profile. This will enable them to get searched by the Employer. Trailblazers can put his/her details like work experience, video profile and project details. These details will only be visible to the employer. Trailblazers can showcase their expertise by completing super badges, modules etc.

Trailblazer Career Marketplace - SalesforceCodex

 Trailblazers can get started from here to join Trailblazer Career Marketplace.


Learn About the Trailblazer Career Marketplace

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