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What is Salesforce Administrator Job Profile?

by Dhanik Lal Sahni
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There was a time when companies required only developer jobs but now Salesforce Admin jobs are well in demand. A lot of questions were asked related to the job profile of the Salesforce Administrator. This post will explain the Salesforce Administrator Job Profile and what they have to do in daily activities.

A Salesforce Administrator is responsible for the successful implementation, configuration, and maintenance of the Salesforce platform within an organization. Their primary responsibilities include:

1. User Management:

Salesforce Administrator has to set up user accounts, manage user profiles and permission sets, and define role-based access based on business requirements. Which users need to be created/updated and whom access needs to be granted is covered in the Solution document. The administrator has to take action based on the solution document.

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2. Customization

Salesforce Administrator performs customization of objects, fields, email templates, page layouts, dynamic forms, workflows, and flows to meet the specific needs of the organization. They will perform this customization based on organization policies like naming convention, maximum workflow per object, etc.

Salesforce Flows is an excellent tool where Salesforce Administrator can automate business scenarios. This is a no-code tool to handle many business scenarios. It can be used as a backend system for lightning web component user interface. So we can think that It can handle most of Apex’s work in the configuration itself.

3. Data Management

Data management is one of the important tasks for Salesforce Administrators. They import and maintain data. Maintaining data includes de-duplicating and validating data to ensure accuracy. They created a validation rule for validating data while performing CRUD operations on the object.

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4. Data Security

Ensuring data security is one of the important tasks for a Salesforce Administrator. They create proper sharing rules based on Architect discussion. They can enable platform encryption on specific objects and fields to make data secure. They also ensure data masking for fields.

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5. Reports and Dashboards

Salesforce Administrator has to create and customize reports and dashboards to meet the needs of various stakeholders. These reports and dashboards are required by stakeholders to take key decisions so generating correct reports is another important job for Salesforce Administrator.

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6. Process Automation

Salesforce Administrator automates business processes such as approvals, and email alerts to streamline workflows. The Approval Process in Salesforce is a combination of steps for a record to be approved/rejected either by a user, queue, or public groups. They prepare these steps based on business requirements.

7. Sales and Marketing Automation

They should have an understanding of lead and opportunity management, account and contact management, campaign management, and automation of sales and marketing processes.

8. Technical Support

Salesforce Administrator provides technical support to internal or external teams. They provide assistance for debugging issues on call.

9. Training and Documentation

Salesforce Administrator creates change request documentation and handles training sessions. They also create and manage user documentation for applications.

10. Evaluate App Exchange Apps

Based on the business requirement they can evaluate, install, and configure third-party applications from the AppExchange marketplace. Their evaluation can support stalk holders in taking key decisions.


Salesforce Administrator has a powerful job profile. They play a key role in ensuring data security, optimizing system performance, and providing ongoing support and training to end users.

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